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"Awesome" is now an overused cliche, but this picture, taken by the Hubble telescope and showing the actual birth of a star, is truly awe-inspiring. If you don't believe this, then just click on the picture for a full-screen view. But what, you may ask, does such a picture have to do with religion? Well, I doubt that I have ever had a profoundly religious experience while sitting in church, which in earlier years I attended with a fair degree of regularity. Indeed, even in those earlier years, I tended to bide my time in church either formulating arguments against the preacher's proclamation or recoiling from the persistent appeal to fear and guilt (which I inevitably encountered in the particular churches that I attended). I have found, therefore, that I tend to feel much more reverent, and much closer to the mystical Source of all that is, when wandering the back country, or when viewing pictures such as this one.

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A sea of religious and theological material exists on the web, much of it dreadful, but some of it very good. Here I include a few links that are especially useful to me. Some of them provide access to wide ranging indexes that catalogue some of the best material, and others provide access to classic theological texts, to on-line Bibles, to a couple of sites that combines a conservative view of the Bible with a larger hope for universal reconciliation, and to the home pages for some relevant usenet discussion groups.

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