Zena Forest and Farm

What is Zena Farm?

Zena Farm is Willamette University’s student-operated farm and garden. Located in the beautiful Eola Hills, 11 miles west of Salem, it is a small part of the 305 acre Zena property overseen by Willamette University's Sustainability Institute. Of the 5-acres designated for the farm, roughly one acre is currently in production growing annual vegetables, edible mushrooms, and fruit for distribution on the Willamette University campus.

Zena Farm is a living laboratory available to students, staff, and Salem community members who wish to explore and understand food production.  We practice agriculture without the use of pesticides, herbicides, and synthetic fertilizers, and through teaching these skills empower community members to start gardens of their own.  The farm is an educational space used by people from a wide range of disciplines, including biology, history, art, music, environmental science, economics, math and politics.  It has also served as a place of inspiration for musicians, artists, and others.