Congressman Kurt Schrader Visits Willamette Academy

On Monday, February 13th, Congressman Kurt Schrader spoke to Willamette Academy students and graduates, and Willamette University volunteers over breakfast at the Willamette Academy Annex. Willamette Academy students were able to educate Congressman Schrader about the purpose of the Academy, and shared their thoughts about the positive influence of the Academy. In turn, they were also able to ask Congressman Schrader many questions about his position in congress and how he would continue to help valuable programs like the Academy. Congressman Schrader had no trouble relating to Willamette Academy students, citing the fact that his multiple and diverse experiences a veterinarian and a farmer has shaped his successes and influences as a politician.

“He was excited to visit the Academy, and he was excited that the Academy existed,” said Academic Support Assistant Kendra Schmal. “He said he was impressed by the amount of commitment and drive that the Willamette Academy students had, and told them that their amount of drive would definitely serve them well later in life.”

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