Featured Student: Lucee

Lucee Bathery is in her 3rd year at Willamette Academy. She considers Oregon her home but she was born in the Marshal Islands. Her family moved when she was only one years old and they have lived in Oregon ever since. At home with her family she speaks Marshalese but is also learning to speak Spanish in school. When she was asked what hardship was, she said it was hard work and passion in what you love to do even in the face of adversity. In school, she has a passion for science. With this passion for science, her goal in life is to be successful and to hopefully someday become a pharmacist or a pediatrician. Outside of academics, she is the treasurer of the Islanders Club. In the club, they put on events that involve performing Hawaiian and Tahitian dance. She also very active in her church and in bible study groups.

Outside of school she loves to collect model cars and helping her grandparents collect tops. In her life, the thing that motivates her to continue her education is her parents. She has seen the sacrifices they have made for her and her siblings and admires that determinations. She especially admires her dad because of his intelligence and all the wisdom he has given to her. Lucee feels that Willamette Academy has been a positive influence in her life. Being apart of the Academy has allowed her to come out of her shell. It has allowed her the confidence to talk to more people as well as help with her public speaking skills. Over these three years, she has come to consider the Academy her second family.