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    If you’re an independent thinker who wants to make your mark on the world, Willamette is for you. Guided by our university motto, “Not unto ourselves alone are we born,” we’ll help you develop tools to take on society’s complex challenges and find success in your professional — and personal — life.

    Whether you’re making discoveries in the science lab, studying culture in Spain, playing violin with a string quartet, exploring sustainability at Zena Forest, joining your teammates on the football field, or interning at the Oregon State Capitol, we’ll prepare you to engage in the larger world and help you turn your passions into action. Join our graduates working at places like Nike, Microsoft and Oakley, studying in top-ranked graduate programs, or serving with Teach for America and the Peace Corps.

  • IAM

    Curious about the Natural World

    Hannah Vietmeier is turning her love for the outdoors into a career in conservation.

    "As someone who plans to major in biology and minor in English, I appreciate that Willamette encourages diverse academic interests. The more I learn about different fields, the more I learn about the ways they come together."

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    • A summer internship allowed Kimberly Hursh to explore a career path while helping the community. Read More

      Whether playing football or helping form a new club, Walter Robinson hones his leadership skills at Willamette. Read More

    • Bernie Bernstein’s research and internship projects showed him how to apply his academics to a career. Read More

      As a student, Alisa Alexander added curator to her résumé. Read More

    • Doug Rice dreams of using his leadership skills in the ER. Read More

      Hannah Leland shows the next generation that Bartók is relevant. Read More

    • Alicia Maggard searches historical archives for clues about people’s identities. Read More

      Michael Miller examines global challenges through an economic lens. Read More

    • Kaeli Swift turns bird watching into scientific discovery. Read More

      Biking is more than a pastime for Jan Taborsky — it’s a vocation. Read More

    • Jeff Weber holds his own among PhDs in the lab. Read More

      Chemistry and language classes — and a year in Africa — helped Emily Mitchell find a career in medicine. Read More

    • Arianna Alibabaie blends her interests in politics and global cultures as she learns both on campus and abroad. Read More

      Jonnie Dunne has taken his environmental studies in new directions during his time at Willamette. Read More

    • Rachael Peterson’s Willamette experiences have prepared her to lead elementary school students. Read More

      Mika Lim explores global leadership as an intern in Cambodia and Vietnam. Read More

  • IAM

    Researching Human Behavior

    Melissa Witkow collaborates with students to study the adolescent social network.

    "The research I do with students will give them important skills in critical thinking and understanding psychology that will help them be successful.”

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    • Dedication to students — and rock 'n' roll — led to a national award for Karen McFarlane Holman. Read More

      Ricardo De Mambro Santos takes art history far beyond names and dates. Read More

    • Professor Richard Ellis is noted nationally for his scholarship, but he prefers to be known for his work in the classroom. Read More

      Sarah Kirk nurtures future researchers while showing them the importance of chemistry in the real world. Read More

    • Professor Chris Smith and his students research co-evolution in America’s southwest deserts. Read More

      Professor Rebecca Dobkins helps her students examine some of life’s greatest questions. Read More

  • IAM

    Making a Difference Abroad

    Marco Fiallo ’11 is using his internship experiences to run a social entrepreneurship.

    “The close-knit community you form at Willamette is phenomenal. My Willamette experience changed me for the best.”

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    • Willamette helped Boeing’s former CEO discover his love for numbers and engineering. Read More

      Claire Bonilla ’95 was a volunteer at WU — today she serves global communities through Microsoft. Read More

    • Noah Horton ’02 used his talent in computer programming to create a company, Involver. Read More

      BJ Wright ’03 tackles tough questions in the science lab and the boardroom. Read More

    • Jason Kenitzer ’00 translated his Willamette education into a job creating graphics for Oakley. Read More

      Julie Kennedy ’99 helped found a successful Brooklyn charter school for inner-city students. Read More

    • Randall Cass ’08 takes his agriculture research to Chile through a prestigious Fulbright grant. Read More

      Patrick Carman ’88 turned his children’s bedtime stories into a popular fantasy book series. Read More

    • Sarah Hamilton ’07 takes her theatre production skills to a larger stage through venue management. Read More

      Ryan Calkins ’99 co-founded a microfinance organization to provide financial services to the poor. Read More

    • Will Nevius ’09 continued his civic engagement after graduation by heading to the nation’s capitol. Read More

      Kate D'Ambrosio ’06 turned her passions for forestry and public policy into a career with the U.S. Forest Service. Read More

    • Mentoring from professors helped Colin Gardiner ’09 find his current career. Read More

      A full schedule at Willamette helped Elise Helvie '09 get into a competitive graduate program. Read More

    • Willamette’s emphasis on study abroad and service led Ana Moreno ’05 to join the Peace Corps after graduation. Read More

      Monica Rother ’05 is still in graduate school, but the National Science Foundation has already funded her work. Read More

    • Emilio Solano ’09 draws on his own background as he volunteers in a Los Angeles classroom. Read More

      Liani Reeves '98, JD'01 has found success in her law career and through public service. Read More

  • Bringing Dante’s Work to Life

    A museum exhibition and a visit from an artist and a Dante expert helped a class gain unique insight into the “Divine Comedy.”

    “The class gave me a greater appreciation for Dante’s work and made it much more personal,” English major Brent Jones says.

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    • Willamette students and professors turned a critical eye toward sustainability and debate in China. Read More

      Students and professors in the Liberal Arts Research Collaborative pursue independent research while working closely with others. Read More

    • An exhibition at the Hallie Ford Museum of Art showcased the sleuthing of Willamette art history students. Read More

      Willamette’s Carson Scholars pursue a wide variety of scholarly, creative or professional projects. Read More

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