International Education

Developing your international perspective is vital to your success in today's increasingly global workforce. Study abroad is a life-changing experience allowing you to explore foreign cultures, languages, cuisine, travel and international affairs — while expanding your world view and maybe even discovering new passions and career goals.

Close to 50% of Willamette students study or conduct research internationally at some point during their college experience. For example, you can hone your Spanish in Europe or Latin America. If you are looking for courses taught in English, take advantage of Willamette’s relationships with universities in unique locations such as like Sweden, Italy, China, Korea, Morocco, Turkey and many others. Some programs offer the experience of living in a homestay and while others house students in residential halls or apartments.

The Office of International Education can help you investigate semester and year-long opportunities in more than 40 countries, including Australia, Spain, China, France, South Africa and Ireland, to name a few. Explore all of Willamette’s programs.

Willamette also offers summer sessions which are shorter international or domestic study experiences connected to specific credits that allow you to develop your international and cultural awareness on a smaller scale. Accompanied by Willamette faculty, each program is tailored for a unique experience that taps into the passions of our faculty. Recent programs include an archeological dig in Scotland; intensive Spanish instruction in Ecuador  and study of ancient cultures in Greece.

Back at home, Willamette's close relationship with Tokyo International University of America, located just across the street, brings the international experience to you. You can enrich your intercultural awareness and share your own culture with the over 100 students who make Willamette their home and university each year. Willamette also hosts over 100 students from other parts of the world as part of exchanges and degree programs.

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