Career Management


Phase 4, Step 14 - Write Down Your Career Action Plan

There are no natural interviewers. Interviewing is a learned skill like presenting in front of a large group. You want to practice your story, why you want to work at the company, and prepare examples related to the job in advance. Salaries are not typically posted on job descriptions so you must be prepared to share a salary range or expectation that aligns with the market.

 When you have completed Phase 3, you know where you are heading, what you want and have customized your resume and cover letter. You are now ready to roll into an active job search. However, to be effective, one needs a plan. Plans can change, but to quote the Cheshire Cat in Alice in Wonderland, “It really doesn’t matter which way you go if you don’t know where you’re heading in the first place”.  Studies show that you are more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down. Goals are even more achievable when you write them down AND share them with someone. Having documentation of your analysis, personal inventories, goals and action plans, enables you to continuously reflect, adjust and reframe your job search strategy. This document will be valuable to you in the future as you transition from MBA to full employment. The Career Management team understands your interests, strengths and goals and desires to coach you as you strive to achieve. We therefore ask that you write down your Career Action Plan and submit the product to us.  This step is complete after you have written and submitted a Career Action Plan and reviewed it with one of the Career Management staff members.

Deliverable for GSM5108: The Career Action Plan (CAP) is the culmination of all the steps in the GPS that you have completed to date and should set up your goals from now until the end of the spring semester. Following the template in WISE, draft your Career Action Plan and turn it in to your PCA for review before turning in for a final grade.  This is the plan that we will expect you to follow spring term. Please take it seriously, but also know that it is ok if your plan changes. Spring term, you will be meeting regularly with your PCA and your PCA team to help achieve your goals. The Career Action Plan should include your “Network Contacts” excel sheet along with notes from all of the informational meetings you have conducted this semester.

Questions to ask yourself:
1.    What are job titles, companies and industries are of interest to you? What is your plan A: ideal company, job title, industry?
2.    What is your plan B? Plan C (back-up plan)?
3.    How can you show unique value in this chosen field?
4.    If you’ve narrowed it to 2 or 3 areas. What unanswered questions do you have that will help you decide which career path to take?
5.    What are your long-term (5-10 yr goals), medium-term (1-3 yr goals) and short-term (3m to 1 yr) goals?
6.    What action steps will you need to take to reach your goals this school year?
7.    How will you achieve them? What’s your strategy?
8.    What is your timeline to do these action steps?
9.    How will you measure your success?

Going Deeper:
•    Review all of the deliverables you have turned in before and think of how these might have changed (or stayed the same) over the process of going through Phases one to three.
•    Add a table of your raw scores from all the inventories and then draft a self-analysis from the inventories, feedback and reflections.
•    Draft a list of criteria that will help you determine which job fields, industries, locations or cultures might be a good fit for you.
•    Define your area(s) of interest as they are now. If you need help refining your goals, meet with your PCA and/or your career Coach.
•    Draft a list of questions that you have about the field(s) you are considering. NOTE: These might be great questions to ask in informationals.
•    List one to five professional development goals you might have. NOTE: Those of you in the mentorship program can use the same list here.
•    Draft an action plan including SMART goals. You may have one to three big goals for the semester broken down by specific action steps. Add your strategy for achieving these action steps and write down how we should measure your success in achieving your goals.
•    Review your plan with your Peer Career Advisor and gather feedback before turning in for a grade.

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