Career Management

Gather Information from Others

While you think you may know yourself well, it is important to periodically look in the mirror and see yourself as others see you. Often, your friends and family see strengths that you may not know you have. Other times, they can help you identify stretch goals and areas for professional development. Looking in the mirror is critical to identifying a good cultural fit in an organization and finding a job/career that will keep you fully engaged at work.  Your closest friends and family know you sometimes better than you know yourself. Family friends and others who have had successful careers can also provide insights that will help you understand what’s important in life. Their feedback is invaluable and they may recognize strengths you did not even know you possessed. 

To do items:

  1. Reach out to three people who you know that have had successful careers and schedule time to meet with them. These people could be a former boss, co-worker, family member or  family friend. Choose 2 or more questions to ask from each category on the informational questions list.  The goal is to learn from their experience. Click here to access the informational questions list.
  2. Ask your family what they see as your strengths and major accomplishments.