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There is a lot of great information in your Career Leader report that can be very helpful in your career planning process.  Consider the questions listed below as you review your Career Leader results. The answers to these questions will be a good starting place for your thoughts on your career and will be helpful in one-on-one counseling appointments with the Director of Career Management, Career Advisors, Peer Career Advisors and your mentor.
What are the top 3 "My Interests" in your Career Leader Report? Interest #1
Interest #2
Interest #3
What are the 2 lowest "My Interests" in your Career Leader Report? Lowest Interest #1
Lowest Interest #2
Do you agree or disagree with these results? Explain.
What are the top 3 "My Motivators" from your Career Leader Report? Motivator #1
Motivator #2
Motivator #3
Do you agree or disagree with these results? Explain.
Which culture factors rate highest in the CultureMatch section of your Career Leader Report?
Do you agree or disagree that you would feel most comfortable in this type of organization? Explain.
Examine the "My Career Match" portion of your Career Leader Report. Do your top career matches appeal to you? Explain.
Describe one or more insights you gained from this information. How will you use this to your advantage?


Reflect measures soft skills as natural personality traits. It’s normal to feel that some of your results don’t align with who you think you are.  This is probably because you have learned to modify your behaviors based on past experiences.  The goal of Reflect is to help you understand these strengths and blind spots and help accelerate your personal development by suggesting new behaviors that will help you succeed in the workplace.

Review your Reflect "Report Summary" (first tab). What feedback do you find interesting or useful?
Choose two or more traits from your Reflect "Report Details" (second tab) to discuss. Do you feel this is accurate? why or why not?
Review your Reflect "Actions" (third tab). How will you utilize this information?
What are your most valuable learnings from Reflect? Was anything surprising to you?

Gathering Feedback from Others

People that you know well can validate some of the assessments that you've done and also give you some ideas of other things to consider. Typically students gain lots of ideas and suggestions from the three successful people they met that might help in deciding which Reflect actions to pursue. We're curious what you learned.
Who was the first person you met with and what did you learn from them?
Who was the second person you met with and what did you learn?
Who was the third person you met with and what did you learn?
What did your family members say were your skills and accomplishments? How did they match with the skills in CareerLeader and your earlier self evaluation?