Career Management

Class of 2014 Checklist

What to look forward to Spring of 2014 - CHECKLIST

1. Complete our Career Management Survey for January 2014 -

 NOTE: This will help us improve our programming.

2. Update your employment status for employment reporting reasons on MBA Focus. It is on your dashboard. We need to know if you are seeking work after graduation, not seeking etc. Its super important to include salary information. If we maintain 80% or better participation, our numbers are more accurate that we give you. 

3. Make an appointment with Desiree or Beth to update us on your job search and fill us in on how we can help.

4.  Update your list of companies that you’ve connected with already and the list of companies on your wish list.  Bring this to a meeting with your advisor. 

5. Start a list of 100 people that you know. Reconnect with each one and let them know you’re looking for work. Remember, you should reach out to at least  2 people per company of interest. Statistics show that you will need to meet with 20-30 hiring managers to secure a job.

6. Attend the following events – Register on MBA Focus
  -     Wed 1/15, 12:30pm - Career Tools Workshop: MBA Focus (Technology refresher)

-       Wed 1/22, Power Lunch: Greg Shortreed MercyCorps International

-       Wed 1/29 12:15pm – Employer Spotlight – Target Distribution Center

-       Save the date for the NW Consortium Career Conference on February 28.

7. Reconnect with your mentor (if you have one). Join us for the spring connection lunch on January 31st in Portland. Register on MBA Focus.

8. Set up informationals  with alumni (ask Beth/Desiree for connections on Linked-In). Mention in your email to us why you want to connect with a particular person)

9. Review the Career GPS Tab on our website.

10. Look at jobs on MBA Focus regularly and apply. We’ve had several come in since the beginning of 2014. There is a mobile app for this, too! 

11. Update your linked-in profile (employers ARE looking!)

12. Set up an account on and ask us about the list of alumni and others that are available for informationals.

13. Join our new LinkedIn site: Willamette MBA Career Networking

14. Use Career Shift to search for jobs in a particular geography. If you're not using this...ask us for login information. 

15. Call us as soon as you receive an offer and update MBA Focus Employment Reporting Tab.