EDC Alumni Inspired Conversations - Dealing Practically With Uncertainty

Presented by Rob Wiltbank, Associate Professor of Strategic Management

New lines of business.  Competition from new players.  Technological innovation.  These actions create uncertainty, and many organizations are not prepared to deal with it.  In fact, organizations often have procedures and requirements that, in the name of stability, render it impossible to make intelligent decisions about what to do next.  In this session we'll discuss how to be effective in the face of uncertainty, mixing entrepreneurial expertise and strategies on how to work around barriers in a way that your organization might actually support.

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Date: Friday, April 27, 2012
Time: Noon-1:00pm (Pacific Standard Time)

This session is offered online or in-person at the Willamette University Portland Center.  Register with the EDC to receive the log-in code for the real-time broadcast.

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