Current MBA-P Students: Career Management and Coaching

The Career Management and Coaching Certificate is designed for the professional ready to explore opportunities and challenges critical to achieving career and organizational success. You will energize and reinvent yourself through a process of reflection and personal development.

Your organization will immediately benefit from your ability to successfully impact performance by expertly managing yourself and applying these lessons to managing others.

Executive Presentation Skills

Friday, May 9, 2014


Willamette University Portland Center

Instructor: Elizabeth Tierney

Is an interactive one-day workshop with inputs on the elements and techniques of speaking before a small or large group - a critical aspect of management and of leadership.  By the end of the day, the participants will be aware of their strengths as speakers, will understand and have practiced to become more credible, clear and confident  

The workshop is designed to support not only the final presentations but also the participants' ongoing roles as managers. It will cover such issues as: the communication process, handling nerves, analyzing the audience, the impact of non-verbal language and clarifying the message. 

To register, please follow the link to the MBA Focus website.  Search under 'events', then 'AGSM events'. 

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