Effective Executive Presentations

Our next session is December 7, 2012.

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Executive presentations are important milestones in one's career.

Understanding what makes an effective presentation is critical to leaving a positive impression on the people that have influence on your career and future opportunities. The objective of this session is for you to become effective at delivering clear, concise and persuasive presentations for senior-level managers and executives.

In this session you'll learn:

  • What differentiates an executive presentation from other presentations
  • What steps you need to go through to ensure success
  • How to manage the unexpected
  • How to ensure your presentation fits your organization's culture and the preferences of the people in the room
  • Tips for managing stage fright

To accomplish these learning objectives, the presenters will relay their own broad experiences, utilize web and DVD media, and most importantly, we will learn from each other.

Students will be assigned to groups and realistic scenarios will be used for role playing (e.g. capital budget presentations). The goal is to accomplish the learning objectives in an effective way within a fun, relaxed environment!

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Your Instructors

Michael Pittman

Michael (Mike) Pittman holds a BS and a MSPH in Environmental Health from the University of Washington. Read more

Anne Murray Allen

Anne Murray Allen is the past Director of the Executive Development Center (EDC) at Willamette University and a contributing faculty member. Read more