"Performance Coaching"

May 13, 2011

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Achieving success as a manager depends on the ability to maximize the productivity of your team.

Many managers struggle to fully realize the performance potential of the people working for them. The ability to maximize employee performance through effective coaching is often what separates great leaders from those who are merely average.

The objective of this session is to develop your awareness and skills as a capable coach and mentor to others.

In this session you'll learn

  • Quickly build credibility with direct reports so they are open and receptive to performance feedback.
  • Set goals that inspire direct reports to achieve high levels of performance
  • Accurately evaluate performance issues and deliver effective feedback that builds on employee strengths while managing potential weaknesses
  • Create a high performance work environment that aligns team members around common strategic goals

To accomplish these learning objectives, the presenters will relay their own broad experiences, utilize web and DVD media, and most importantly, we will learn from each other.

This course is designed both for people currently managing direct reports as well as for individual contributors who are interested in moving into management positions. The techniques taught in this course will mix findings based on empirical research on employee performance with best practices drawn from Fortune 1000 companies. Students will learn through the use of hands-on, experiential exercises and leverage examples taken from their current job and/or school environment.

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Your Instructor

Steve Hunt, PhD, SPHR

Steven Hunt is Director of Business Transformation Services at SuccessFactors. Dr. Hunt has over 15 years experience designing talent management solutions supporting a range of applications including performance management, staffing, employee development, culture change, workforce transformation, and succession planning. He has worked with a variety of industries including retail, healthcare, dining, manufacturing, finance, information technology, transportation, and public sector organizations.