2015 Schedule

Day 1: 

Morning: Orientation, Program Overview and Utility Strategy

Afternoon: Public Policy

Day 2:

Equity & Debt Investors' Perspectives of the Utility Industry

Day 3:

Understanding the Utility by the Numbers

Day 4:

Ethical & Organizational Leadership

Day 5:

Morning: Enterprise Risk Management

Afternoon: Emerging Trends

Day 6:

Fundamentals of Rate Regulation

Day 7:

Rate Setting Regulation Exercise

Day 8:

Executive Presentation Skills

Day 9:

Morning: The “Customer Experience”

Afternoon: Stakeholder Negotiations

Day 10:

Capstone Session - Strategic Plan Presentations and Evaluations

The Utility Management Certificate

The Utility Management Certificate program is scheduled for two, week-long segments Monday through Friday.

The program is delivered at the Willamette University Portland Center in the Pearl District (905 NW 12th Avenue, Suite 110, Portland, Oregon).

Applications being accepted for the next session: October 5-9 and November 2-6, 2015 (This is a Two Week Program, with Session 1 in October and Session 2 in November). Students must attend both sessions to complete the certification requirements.

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