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James W. Myers

James W. Myers


The challenge for organizations is not the lack of resources; to the contrary, it is the on-going and unseen waste of available resources over a protracted period.  To overcome this challenge and become the capable and continually evolving enterprise that best serves customers requires the recognition and leveraging of core competencies towards clearly defined goals – the alignment of strategy and tactics, ends and means.


“While it is difficult to change a company that is struggling, it is next to impossible to change a company that is showing all the outward signs of success. Without the spur of a crisis or a period of great stress, most organizations - like most people - are incapable of changing the habits and attitudes of a lifetime.”
- John F. McDonnell, McDonnell- Douglas Corporation

"Sustained success is largely a matter of focusing regularly on the right things and making a lot of uncelebrated little improvements every day."
- Theodore Levitt, Harvard Business School


  • M.M., Willamette University - Operations Focus
  • B.S., Western Oregon University - Economics


Jim Myers currently serves as contributing associate professor, bringing with him operations leadership experience focusing on customer service, product delivery, project management and process improvement in For-Profit, Non-Profit and Government enterprises.

His background includes leadership roles in maintenance, materials, and manufacturing management, lean implementation, systems development and enterprise resource planning in capital equipment and aerospace/defense sectors.  

His professional interests revolve around organizational understanding, alignment and improvement from Strategic, Operational and Tactical perspectives.  He is also the founder of Praxis Analytics Incorporated, a business consultancy focusing on enterprise optimization and process improvement.

Jim enjoys spending time with his family, reading, discussing ideas, camping, and working on things – like home additions, tree houses, old trucks, and new business processes.

Areas of Instruction

Operations and Information Management, Project Management, Strategy Alignment

Selected Publications

“Ethical Reasoning, Epistemology, and Administrative Inquiry,” (with Fred Thompson), Research in Public Policy Analysis and Management; Volume 14, 2006.