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Julie Wrazel

Julie Wrazel


Julie Wrazel is the CTO of Home Dialysis Plus, a developer of portable, easy-to-use dialysis equipment. Julie recently retired from Hewlett Packard after 29 years of service in a range of engineering and engineering management roles. For 20 years within HP’s highly successful Inkjet printing business, she held roles in R&D, Manufacturing and Supply Chain in component process and product development, and supported the extremely high growth rates of the Inkjet Supplies business. This included over 15 years developing products and processes with HP’s strategic partners leading to leadership roles in the management of several of HP’s key strategic partners in the printing business.

Julie holds a Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of Wisconsin and an MS from the National Technological University in the Management of Innovation, a program hosted by Lehigh University, and is an Adjunct Professor at INSEAD University, teaching in the Managing Partnerships and Strategic Alliances program. She has also been an invited speaker in workshops and programs on the subject of alliance management and open innovation.

In her spare time, she gardens on 10 acres north of Corvallis and chases after her retired racing greyhounds.


  • Ph.D., University of Wisconsin
  • M.S., National Technological University
  • B.S., University of Missouri, Columbia

Professional Highlights/Activities

  • Technical program management in rapidly growing businesses
  • Structuring and maintaining long-term co-development and manufacturing alliances
  • Managing technology across cultures including 15 years of experience in Asia (Japan, Singapore, Korea) and Europe (Italy, France, Finland, Ireland, UK, Sweden)
  • Management of engineers and scientists
  • Managing business and technical goals and objectives in complex technology programs

Class Topics Covered

Processes and Information Technology (MBA for Professionals)

Selected Presentations

Managing Partnerships and Strategic Alliances executive education program in INSEAD University (2005-Present) on topics associated with her experiences in HP in alliance management.

Open Innovation Symposium – Boston, MA, May 2008: “When the Product is an Experience: Challenges in Mobile Experience Co-Development."

CoDev 2007 Open Innovation – Opportunities, Models and Methods, Scottsdale, AZ: “When the Product is an Experience: Issues in Mobile Experience Co-Development."

Global Innovation and Local Knowledge Creation Workshop (Helsinki School of Economics, 2004) “From Leadership to Management: Mobilizing Knowledge for Innovation”

International Joseph A. Schumpeter Society Conference (2004) “From Leadership to Management: Mobilizing Knowledge for Innovation”