Important Information for Fall 2013 - Exchange Students - May Edition

Arriving for Fall Semester
New students should plan to arrive in Salem between August 1st and August 9th (or before) so you have time to get settled and rested before school starts. Our Incoming Student Arrival Team will help new students get settled before school starts. Services include pick up at the Portland Airport and assistance with locating an apartment in Salem after you arrive. This service is especially important for students traveling to Oregon from other states and countries. Watch your email for an email from our Student Arrival Team. It will arrive soon.

Calendar for Fall Semester 2013
Fall Semester 2013 begins on Tuesday, August 13th, with Compass Week. Compass Week is required for all new students. We will also have a special optional pre-session event on Friday, August 9th called "Living and Learning in Salem."

Living and Learning in Salem - Optional Pre-session Event August 9
Fall Semester Begins August 13
Willamette International Student Orientation August 13 (9:00 a.m. to 3:50 p.m.)
Compass Week August 13 (4:00) thru August 16
Labor Day Holiday September 2
Thanksgiving Vacation November 25-29
End of Fall Semester December 13

Housing for Exchange Students

We have reserved on-campus housing for exchange students. The Willamette Univeristy housing office will email you about reservations. The email address of the housing office is

If you are participating in a two semester exchange at Willamette, you can live on-campus or off-campus. If you choose to live off-campus you should email housing@willamette and tell them you do not want to live on-campus. If you decide to live off-campus, be sure to understand that you will be committed to living off-campus -- there will be no rooms available on-campus at a later date. Please copy on any emails you send to If you are planning to live off-campus check our Google map and recommendations from students

Other information is also available on the admitted student housing page. Remember to use our Incoming Student Arrival Team for advice.

Other good resources for information include the Statesman Journal (Classified Ad) and Craigslist.

Registration for Fall Semester Courses

Registration for classes is a very simple and individualized process, so don't worry. The typical course load for the Full Time Early Career Willamette MBA program is 15 credits (5 three credit courses) per semester. Exchange students generally enroll in 5 elective courses or courses numbered 6000 or above.

The schedule of MBA courses for fall semester 2013-14 is available. Exchange students do not need to worry about the information listed in the far left column -- that information relates to graduation requirements for students enrolled as degree students.

You can learn more about each course offered by reading the course description. Course descriptions are listed by course number.

If you are interested in seeing the courses our faculty recommend for various areas of interest click on and then compare the list with the courses offered during your semester of exchange.

After you make your selections, email Judy O'Neill with your top choices and with any questions you may have. Your transcripts will be reviewed for equivalent prerequisite course work.

Textbooks For Fall Courses

We will have a list of textbooks later in the summer. We provide the textbook list so you can purchase your books online before school starts, if you would like to do so. All text books will be available for purchase at The Willamette Store

Health History and Immunization Records
Oregon state law requires all new students to provide immunization and health records. Forms to be completed are available online in pdf format and are linked below. Be sure to complete the health history and immunization forms as soon as possible and send them to the Willamette University Bishop Wellness Center by August 1st. You can also bring the completed forms with you, but it is helpful if we have the forms before you arrive on campus.
* Immunization Information
* Health History and Immunization Form

If you need the measles immunization (MMR), you can get it on campus during Compass Week. The cost for the MMR vaccination is $62. Charges for vaccinations will be billed to your Willamette University student account.

[Note: If you have recently been enrolled in the Willamette University College of Law or College of Liberal Arts, you should update the health history form, but you do not need to resubmit the immunization and history forms.]

Student Health Insurance
All Willamette students enrolled more than half-time are required to have health insurance. Health Insurance provided for students by a university must follow the guidelines of the PPACA (The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act). As such, the Willamette Student Health Insurance plan offers comprehensive coverage that will support a student’s well-being and peace of mind while meeting the requirements of the PPACA and the US Dept. of Health & Human Services. The Willamette University sponsored student health insurance for the 2013-14 school year is provided by Aetna. The full benefit information along with information about cost and a link to the online waiver form for students who already have health insurance coverage will be available later this summer.

For more information see If you have questions about health insurance for International students, contact the Willamette Office of International Education at

The cost for 12 months coverage through the Willamette University Student Health Plan for International students is estimated to be $1,795 for 2013-14. Complete information about health insurance for International students is available online. Coverage runs from August 1, 2013 to July 31, 2014.

Planning for Compass Week

Compass Week runs from August 13th through August 16th. Compass Week is required for all new students and will include important academic, professional and social activities. Different events and activities require different clothing. To help you plan your packing needs, here is your guide to appropriate dress for the activities of Compass Week.

  • Business Formal: Business attire typically means a jacket for both men and women. A tie for men, button down shirt, matching slacks and dress shoes. For women, business attire would typically mean a skirt or slacks, jacket, button down shirt or shell with clear or solid color nylons and dress shoes. For Compass Week, be sure your shoes are comfortable for walking across campus.
  • Business Casual: Business casual typically means men and women can leave the jacket, tie and nylons at home. Men can wear polo or golf shirts and slacks. Women can wear slacks or skirt and a professional looking shirt. Everyone should avoid sweat suits, jeans, t-shirts, tennis shoes and flip-flops.
Tuesday, August 13th Casual
Wednesday, August 14th Business Formal
Thursday, August 15th Business Casual
Friday, August 16th Athletic clothes and tennis shoes


Reminders and General Information

Remember to Join the Incoming Student Facebook Page: If you have not yet joined the facebook page, be sure to join soon. Just go to and request to join! The facebook page gives you a great chance to get to know your classmates, staff, your arrival and new student team, and other members of the Willamette community. Students continue to use their class facebook page after they arrive and throughout their MBA program, so be sure to jump in. We also post new opportunities for housing etc., on the facebook page, so it is fun and a source of official information.

Laptop Requirement:
All Willamette MBA students are required to have a laptop computer. In some classes you will use your laptop extensively; in others periodically or minimally. See ccurrent required laptop specifications

Save Money on Exchange Rates and Bank Transfer Fees with peerTransfer: Willamette University partners with peerTransfer to save international students money on the exchange rates and bank fees involved their payment processes. Using peerTransfer can save students up to $1,500 a year. peerTransfer also provides great 24 hour multi-lingual customer support (phone, email, Skype, and chat), quick service, and the opportunity to easily track your payment. Learn more about peerTransfer at and see a comparison of the costs you will have from peerTransfer versus a typical bank. If you want to use peerTransfer you can access Willamette's page at

CareerLeader: Remember to complete CareerLeader! You received free access to CareerLeader a few days following your admission. If you have not yet completed CareerLeader, completing it now gives you important time to explore career directions and issues related to your future career satisfaction. We will be requiring the completion of CareerLeader during the summer and you will receive an email giving you a due date. Beth Ursin, Director of Career Management for the Willamette MBA program, will use your CareerLeader results to work with you when school starts. If you have misplaced your access information for your initial log-in for CareerLeader, email Judy O'Neill at for access directions.

Willamette University Bishop Wellness Center: The Bishop Wellness Center provides Health Services, Counseling Services, and Disability and Learning Services to our students. There is no office visit charge to students; fees are charged for lab work, prescriptions and some supplies. Students are seen by appointment, but urgent problems will be seen immediately. For more information about the services of the Bishop Wellness Center visit

Disability and Learning Services
: Willamette MBA students who have a documented disability and would like to request accommodations as covered under the American Disabilities Act are encouraged to apply for special accommodations and services through the Willamette University office of Disability and Learning Services. Disability and Learning Services provides support for individuals with a diagnosed disability (e.g., learning, visual, hearing, psychiatric, chronic illness, etc.). Documentation needs to be on file with Disability and Learning Services to receive appropriate accommodations and services. For more information visit and contact:
Director, Disability & Learning Services
503-370-6471 (voice)
503-375-5383 (TDD)
503-375-5420 (fax)