MBA for Professionals

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Develop Your Management Talent

The Willamette University MBA for Professionals program will provide your executives and managers with the tools, skills and knowledge they need to successfully propel your organization.

  • A Willamette MBA education is designed to develop the ability to manage across functions and across sectors.
  • Our objective is to educate managers to understand how each function within an organization affects every other function.
  • Our integrated curriculum builds on the notion that the best in management generalizes to any organization.

A List of Employers for Current Students and Alumni in the MBA for Professionals Program is available online.

Grow Your Organization's Dexterity

You have the right personnel who need the right skills to develop the right strategic mindset.

  • Quantitative intelligence
  • Creative problem-solver
  • Analytical thinker
  • Strategic minded
  • Strong oral communicator
  • Leadership abilities
  • Information gathering and integration know-how
  • Interpersonal sensitivities
  • Quick adaptor to meet change challenges
  • Corporate ethical conduct
  • Risk taker
  • Decision maker
  • Visionary

Let Us Help You

You want your organization to be the leading force in its marketplace. You want to foster an environment where creativity is encouraged, new ideas are implemented and proven ability is rewarded. Let us help you.

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MBA for Professionals Program

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