MBA for Professionals

Success is a Collaboration

Ericka Kingsbury, Ryan Langdon and Bill Doutt, MBA '08

Three 2008 MBA grads Ericka Kingsbury, Ryan Langdon and Bill Doutt may all work in the health care industry, but their job titles and roles give each a diverse perspective on the world. Ericka, a human resources administrator for the Salem Clinic, works with employees at all levels and is responsible for the many day-to-day operations of her organization. Ryan, a senior sales representative in the vaccine division of GlaxoSmithKline, comes from a large organization background. Bill’s work with the Kyphon Corporation often takes him all over the country, sharing his insight as a spine consultant.

Each student’s background and experience enriches the classes in the MBA for Professionals. Every student brings unique ideas and interpretations to the table. They often meet outside of class to work on group projects or discuss how class concepts translate to their workplaces. “My peers provide great insight, opportunities and support,” Kingsbury says.

Ericka Kingsbury


Ryan Langdon

Bill Doutt