MBA for Professionals

Roland Zapata, MBA '08

Reseller Account Manager, Xerox Corporation

Through his work with Xerox Corporation, Roland Zapata knows the importance of investing in people. As a Reseller Account Manager he provides training and education to his long list of resellers and keeps them updated on the latest industry trends while making sure that Xerox is the first and foremost on their minds. In addition, his territory takes him far beyond his Portland home – an area that includes New York City, Long Island and New Jersey.

“The position involves extensive relationship building,” Zapata said. “It also involves a lot of on the job training where you have to earn the resellers trust.” He accomplishes this by taking a genuine interest in his resellers’ businesses and families – even attending personal events.

Zapata was attracted to Willamette’s MBA program for working professionals for the same reason – the personal interest the program took of in him. He is also applying what he is learning to his job. “I’m taking the management styles I learn in my courses and applying them to the way I interact with people.”


“The position involves extensive relationship building,” Zapata said.