MBA for Professionals

MBA for Professionals

  • Roland Zapata, MBA '08

    Roland Zapata, MBA '08

    Reseller Account Manager, Xerox Corporation

    Through his work with Xerox Corporation, Roland Zapata knows the importance of investing in people. As a Reseller Account Manager he provides training and education to his long list of resellers and keeps them updated on the latest industry trends while making sure that Xerox is the first and foremost on their minds.  Read More

  • Samantha Landau (MBA '08)

    Samantha Landau (MBA '08)

    Employer: City of Fairview, Oregon

    Before enrolling in Willamette’s MBA for Professionals program, Samantha Landau knew that she needed something else to advance her career. In 2005 she had a “trigger moment” and, supported by her previous employer, began to search for an MBA program.  Read More

  • Success is a Collaboration

    Success is a Collaboration

    Ericka Kingsbury, Ryan Langdon and Bill Doutt, MBA '08

    Three 2008 MBA grads Ericka Kingsbury, Ryan Langdon and Bill Doutt may all work in the health care industry, but their job titles and roles give each a diverse perspective on the world.  Read More

About You

From the relationships formed in the classroom to the partnerships formed beyond it, the Willamette MBA is truly a life-changing experience. Students agree that the shared knowledge and expertise of colleagues add to the value of the program. In study groups, team projects or class discussions, you will learn from each other’s expertise.
Earning an MBA at Willamette University makes you a part of 160+ years of tradition and a network of more than 20,000 alumni around the world. You will find this group supportive and cooperative, actively initiating change and leading it in their organizations.