Class of 1963 Gift

The Class of 1963 organizing committee is excited about our campaign to create the Class of 1963 Scholarship Fund.  Scholarship funds are Willamette’s lifeblood, as more than 90% of our students depend on financial aid.  Our scholarship fund will help ensure that future generations of students benefit from a Willamette education – just as we did – regardless of their family’s financial situation.

We intend to raise at least $100,000 between now and our reunion.  There’s no reason we can’t raise much more than that, as other classes have done.  You can make our effort successful and make a difference in the lives of future Willamette students.   Everyone in the class – regardless of their net worth – can make a significant contribution to our class’ legacy for Willamette.

We encourage everyone to make an outright contribution to the Class of 1963 Scholarship Fund.  For many of us, the special “IRA Rollover” in effect in 2013 would be a strategic way to contribute.  In addition, virtually everyone in the class can make a deferred contribution to the scholarship fund through a life-income gift that pays income to you and your loved ones for life, and reduces your income tax bill.  For example, a Willamette gift annuity would pay you about 5.3% annually, depending on your age.  Also, if you are thinking about selling real estate, stocks, or other appreciated assets, Willamette’s staff can show you how to avoid capital gains tax by directing all or a portion of the sale proceeds to the Class of 1963 Scholarship Fund through a life-income plan that will provide you and your family with secure lifetime income. 

If you own stocks, bonds, mutual funds, interests in a business, life insurance,  IRAs or other retirement accounts, or a traditional bank account, you can be an integral part of the Class of 1963 Scholarship Fund.  Steve Brier and Lori Hoby are experienced tax professionals who love Willamette and love helping people make very rewarding gifts.  We encourage you to contact Lori or Steve for a free and confidential discussion of the many available options.

Make a gift today!

Thank you for supporting the Class of 1963 Scholarship Fund!

  • Gail Durham
  • Sam Farr
  • Joann Gloege
  • Tony Good
  • Gene Gregory
  • Bob Hakala
  • Trish Hall
  • Sherrie James
  • Judith Kliks
  • Rich Litchfield
  • Merle Maust
  • Charlene McAulay
  • Thelma Rueppell
  • Jon Steiner
  • Bob Woodle

Contact Lori or Steve for a free and confidential discussion of the many ways to donate to the Class of 1963 Scholarship Fund.

Steve Brier

Steve Brier


Lori L Hoby