Traditions and Memories

The generations of Bearcats who have passed through Willamette have woven a rich history which echoes throughout the campus and lives in our collective memory.

Our Motto

Non nobis solum nati sumus — Not unto ourselves alone are we born


Alma Mater: Ode to Willamette

There's an old historic temple rising grandly through the years
Where the oaken hearted fathers drew their strength for strong careers;
Down the years, its portals open, Gathered wise ones to its fold.
Breather the spirit of the Westland Cardn'al emblem 'bossed with gold.

Dear old School! How strong we love thee! 'Round thy mem'ries how we cling!
Glad some hearts beneath thy shadows, loyal hearts to thee we bring.
Old Willamette how we cherish all thy legends and thy lore,
Born upon the calm Pacific, Guides us onward ever more. 

Spirit of the Golden Westland, breathing through the father's tears,
Tells the story of the temple, buds us hope a down' the years.
Sing, oh, sing of dear Willamette, Sign while hearts are young and true,
Sea to sea the chorus swelling, Dear Old School of our W.U.


Fight Song: Fight, Bearcats, Fight!

Fight, Bearcats, fight!
A victory for W.U.

The cardinal and gold
Victorious of old
Shall give us a spirit ever new.
Fight, fight, fight!

Card’nal courage show,
And gold is our faith so true
We shout our war cry to you
Come on and fight, fight, fight!

Fight! Fight! Fight!