New Graduates

Welcome to the WUAA

Congratulations on graduating from Willamette! While you've accomplished a great deal in your time at WU, your lifetime of learning is just beginning as a member of the Willamette University Alumni Association (WUAA)! The second you received your diploma, you gained admission and access to an incredibly vast and resourceful network that is more than 25,000 Bearcats strong.

The more you get involved, the more you will find that the WUAA is committed to providing its members with a lifetime of benefits, friendships and connections. See what the WUAA can do for you and what you can do for fellow Bearcats by checking out our quick links on the right hand side of this page, as well as the important info below.

Welcome to the WUAA, where you'll be a Bearcat for life!

Alumni 101

Now that you are officially a WUAA member, it's time to go over the basics of what being a Bearcat for life truly means, and how you can stay in touch with your classmates in the future. Here is a list of things to know about the WUAA and what to be aware of as you enter your post-college life:

You Have an Important Voice

As a member of the WUAA, your voice and opinion matters. The WUAA is an organization that exists for, and is comprised of, you and your peers. So, make yourself heard by telling the Office of Alumni and Parent Relations, as well as the WUAA Board of Directors how you will best be served.

Your Alumni Leaders

Speaking of the WUAA Board, it is the organization's governing body. Consisting of a maximum of 36 members, it represents alumni from all classes and from across the nation. To learn more about the structure of the board, visit our Alumni Leadership page.

Stay Informed

The WUAA communicates frequently with its members and strives to keep alumni updated on current news, trips, activities and events by distributing a wide variety of communications. Regular communications include Willamette Magazine (published three times per year), which contains Class Notes; and the WU Alumni Connection, a monthly newsletter. Alumni should also expect to receive email and print communications pertaining to specific events, such as the WUAA's annual celebration, Alumni Weekend.

Connect with Alumni Online

Social media is another way to connect with fellow alumni. The WUAA has its own Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts, which you are encouraged to join. Willamette is also home to networking tools Switchboard and the Pocket Compass. With Switchboard, users "ask" for what they need and "offer" what they have within the trusted WU community, while The Pocket Compass allows its users to access the alumni directory on their favorite mobile devices. Visit our Online Tools page to learn more about these new innovative networks.

Keep Us Updated

To keep us updated on what you are up to, make sure we have your current email (your Willamette email expires one year after graduation) and home address by notifying us at or by registering for The Compass, where you can also search the alumni directory. You can also spread the word about your latest accomplishments or life events by sending a Class Note to We'll make sure your Note is included in the following issue of Willamette Magazine!

Take Advantage of Your Benefits

Even though your membership in the WUAA is free, you are still entitled to several alumni benefits as a Bearcat for life, including access to the Career Network, the Sparks Athletic Center and to short term medical insurance through GradMed, which provides affordable medical coverage for 30-180 day periods.

Give Back

Give back to the WU community by volunteering! As a Willamette alumnus, there are many ways to make an impact. You can join Switchboard, sign up to be a Career Advisor, become a Class Ambassador and more! Simply fill out the form to learn more about the various volunteer opportunities.

We're glad you are a part of our lifelong family of Bearcats, a family that includes accomplished businesspeople, public servants, artists, Nobel Prize winners and people all over the world embodying WU's motto, "Not unto ourselves alone are we born." We welcome you and hope you will connect with us!