Willamette University, Students at the Mill Stream

May 2009

Tuesday, May 5 marked the final day of classes for the CLA this semester and, as can be expected this time of year, things are as busy as ever.

One recent development, especially relevant to alumni, is the election of three new officers to the Willamette University Alumni Association (WUAA) board. The alumni board serves as a group of advisors who help us keep in touch with alumni needs and implement their feedback effectively. We're excited to welcome the following alumni to their new positions as officers on the board, effective June 1:

  • Jay Booth '91, President
  • Brian Hufft '01, Vice President
  • Melissa Wilmot '03, Secretary

We would also like to recognize the following alumni who are departing their current officer positions:

  • Julie Branford '67, President
  • Kim (Foskett) Duncan '69, Vice President -- Board Development

Watch the main alumni relations website for a section dedicated to the alumni board, bylaws and related information. We think this will prove to be a useful resource for board members and non-members alike.

Additionally, the social media tools we reported on last month keep growing and have provided new ways for alumni to connect with each other and the University. Remember to check out the Willamette University Facebook page (general) and join the Willamette Alumni group.

We're also enjoying ongoing alumni conversations on LinkedIn and continue to add followers on Twitter. Follow us!