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DeniseDirector's Corner

As I sat down to write my piece for the Director’s Corner this month, I began to wonder who actually reads it. (I’m being serious here!) Honestly: With all of the content we’re packing in to WU News, how can I compete? What do I have to say?

Every WU News issue is full of information, upcoming events, campus highlights, University recognition — the list goes on. So, with the exception of my friends from college (thanks, guys!) and maybe my boss (see, no errors!), my personal readership might be small.  

Maybe you’re wondering why I’m still at it, then. Why I’ve carved out this little corner of the newsletter.

Well, let me suggest to you a reason why: because what I’m most interested in doing — even though thinking out loud and writing it down is fun — is listening. You’re the sounding board. Not finding something that speaks to you? Missing information you need? Want to learn more about a specific topic? I’m your gal. And I want you to have someone to go to.

Call or e-mail me any time:  dcallaha@willamette.edu, 503.375.5304.


Denise Callahan '95, MBA'00
Senior Director of Alumni Relations