Willamette University, Students at the Mill Stream

Art by the Park Begins July 15: Registration Still Open

Willamette will soon launch a new, residential adult summer workshop called Art by the Park. The program, open to alumni and friends of Willamette, will be made up of a selection of art classes taught by Willamette faculty members and artists from the community. Willamette's on-campus caterer, Bon Appétit, will provide meals for guests and will present their own class: The Art of Latin Cooking.

The July workshop dates allow participants to continue their art education by visiting the Salem Art Association's annual art fair and festival, located only blocks away at Bush Pasture Park.

Art topics covered include color theory, beginning watercolor, chiaroscuro (study of light/dark), encaustics (art with wax), sketchbook art, photography, portrait drawing and design perspective (general drawing).

Willamette alumni are encouraged to take part in the program. For more information and to register, please contact the Office of Scheduling, Events & Conferences.

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