Willamette University, Students at the Mill Stream

June 2009

Music is in the air.

We take it for granted that Willamette maintains some amazing performing arts programs, but recent news from the music department provides fresh affirmation. In this month’s WU News, we report on a current junior composer who is making waves among an incredible peer group, another on-campus performance of note, and an internationally recognized pianist from the class of 1965. All three have helped put Willamette on the map in new ways.

This month also brings a great opportunity for you to make your own mark in the Willamette community. Alumni (and soon parents) can join the Career Network’s career advisor program, which will become crucial as members of the Class of 2009 -- now alumni themselves -- find their way in an uncertain economy. Please join us and sign up as a career advisor via The Compass. We need as many career advisors as we can get.

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