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Undergraduate Career Services Welcomes New Director

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The university recently welcomed a new undergraduate Career Services Director, Dr. Jerry Houser, who began his duties full time on Oct. 5.

Dr. Houser has a strong record of developing successful career programs. Prior to coming to Willamette, he served for nine years as career services director at the California Institute of Technology and previously spent 15 years directing the Career Planning and Placement Center at the University of Southern California.

Surveys of Willamette students and alumni show that they feel that a robust career services office is important to their success. Plans to enhance the office include creating a robust employer-relations program that enhances internship and job opportunities for students and alumni; developing closer relationships with alumni and parents to offer better mentoring, networking and access to career information; and implementing new online software and programs to provide students and alumni with access to career tools and support.

Parents will play an important role in the enhancement of the undergraduate career services office. Jean Brennan, co-chair of the Parents Advisory Council said, "Willamette is making it easy for parents to help their students and peers in so many ways in the career search process."  Among the ways they can help, parents can serve as career mentors, post internships on the jobs board and help with mock interviews.

Many career resources for students and parents are already online at www.willamette.edu/dept/careers/. Visit this site to learn more about the Virtual Career Center, which includes a link to Optimal Resume, CareerBeam and JobCat. And, visit the parent link to find out more how you can volunteer and what you can do to encourage your student to make use of the all the resources available.