Willamette University, Students at the Mill Stream

WU News Turns One... Sort Of

Spring PicIt's been one year since we unleashed the newly formatted WU News. This web-based replacement for the old (giant) all-containing emails came as one of many technological improvements in the Office of Alumni Relations. And, while it's treated us well, it is still an evolving tool. We have received feedback from several of you -- both in support of the changes and with longing for some of the old features -- so we will continue to make our updates with readers in mind.

As seems to be the habit lately, we're thinking of the best way to solicit and implement your feedback for WU News. While we're at it, remember that you can offer any suggestions or feedback by sending us an email at alumni@willamette.edu. We appreciate your readership, your feedback and your input.

As this month's Director's Corner mentions, spring is coming in Oregon. The image to the right is what it looks like outside our windows here in Waller Hall. Almost.

Happy spring.

-Alumni Relations