Willamette University, Students at the Mill Stream

April 2010

Scene CoverAt the point that readers receive this edition of WU News, many will also be getting the latest issue of The Scene magazine. As always, The Scene is available for online reading if you'd prefer.

Also, we've made some updates to Reunion Weekend 2010 webpages recently, so if this is your reunion year (and it just might be -- it's worth checking), or even if it's not, take a look at what's going on.

And take a look at the Alumni Relations website for alumni events -- lots to choose from this time of year. In particular, we have opened voting for this year's You're Doing What With Your Degree? awards. Be sure to cast your vote online!

Finally, if you're interested in more local and affordable trips this year, remember to act fast on the Shakespeare in Ashland and Treasures of Eastern Oregon trips. For more information about travel, contact Jim Booth '64 at jbooth@willamette.edu.