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Planning for the end of the semester?

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Can the end of the semester be only five weeks away? If you’re thinking about plans for commencement or helping your current student leave campus for the summer, here are a few tips from the Office of Parent Relations.


If it’s not already on your calendar, commencement ceremonies are Sunday, May 16.  Many families attend the brunch at Goudy Commons before the ceremony. Tickets are required and can be purchased in advance. For more information, and for answers to other commencement questions, visit the commencement website.

If you’re looking to make hotel reservations, you can find a list of hotels at the website above. And, if you want to plan a special family meal at a local restaurant, it’s best to make reservations as soon as you can.

Residence Hall Move-Out

If your student tends to be sketchy with the details about moving out of the residence hall, you’re not alone. Here are answers to the questions parents ask most often.

Dates: Students (except graduating seniors) must move out of their room within 24 hours of their last final (and they should know when that is!). If they have Wednesday finals, students must move out by Thursday, May 13 at noon. Graduating seniors have until Monday, May 17 at noon to move out.

Check Out:  Students must make an appointment with their resident assistant (RA) to check out of their room or apartment. Items must be packed and ready to move before the RA can check them out. There is limited storage space for the summer available in many halls, but students must make arrangements with their RA.

Keys: Remind your student to leave their key, if they have one, with the RA. Rooms with missing keys will be immediately changed for the security of our summer guests and the student will be charged a $65 fee.

Meal Points: Questions about meal points always arise this time of year. No meal points can be added now. If a student runs out of meal plan points, you can add money to their compass card. If points are left at the end of spring semester, they will not carry over to the fall semester, so make sure your student uses them somehow.


Student government has arranged for periodic shuttle buses to Portland International Airport for only $10. To see dates and times for shuttle departures, visit the Office of Parent Relations website