Willamette University, Students at the Mill Stream

November 2010

Fall CapitolWillamette has a new Nobel laureate. We'd like to extend our hearty congratulations to Dale Mortensen '61 for his work!

While it's hard to top that, there are actually quite a few things going on as the fall really starts setting in.

To start, tomorrow night a group of 36 alumni will be coming to campus to serve as guest panelists and share their career experiences with 80+ students. The theme of the evening is “You’re doing what with your major?” and the event will feature nine panels of alumni, arranged by industry. Many thanks to our helpful Career Network volunteers!

Also, take special note of the upcoming Willamette holiday parties (covered this issue as a feature), and the special events coverage we've got in the athletics news.

We've included the image to the right because that's what it looks like right now outside Waller Hall -- perhaps it's also relevant scenery considering that they're still counting the ballots from yesterday's election!