Willamette University, Students at the Mill Stream

Campus ACE awards incorporate motto, leading WU figures

It takes plenty of people to run Willamette, and this year the administration rolled out a new recognition program for exceptional performance -- built largely on the university motto and the legacies of Buzz Yocom '49 and Alvan F. Waller, things that people far away from university operations can recognize.

The Buzz Yocom Campus Service Award recognizes "outstanding service to faculty, staff, students, alumni and other constituents." Yocom, of course, is a Willamette legend known for his supportiveness, enthusiasm and passion. Josh Bilbrew '07 (Willamette Academy) and Tori Ruiz (residence life) were the inaugural awardees.

The Alvan F. Waller Stewardship Award focuses on "creative solutions ... more effective, efficient university operations ... enhancing communications and inspiring commitment and productivity." The building that houses the Office of the President and many other administrative branches is named after Waller. Pamela Smith (Center for Asian Studies) and Kendra Mingo (Office for Faculty Research and Resources) were recognized this year.

Additionally, the Willamette University Motto Award, recognizing "performance that demonstrates our commitment to service; collaboration between faculty, staff and students; and civic engagement," went to Honey Wilson '00 (Olin Science Center) and Bill Kelm '91 (Hatfield Library).

These awards accompanied several other recognitions, covering consecutive years of service at Willamette, random kudos for going above and beyond normal duties, and putting sustainability into practice.