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DeniseNot Unto Ourselves Alone Are We Born

Willamette alumni are givers. We all know that — we OWN that as part of who we are as alumni — but sometimes it’s almost unconscious. It’s good from time to time to recognize and celebrate it for the crucial role it plays in the success of the institution.

We are just welcoming the newest members of our alumni board of directors for their initial three-year terms. The role of the Willamette University Alumni Association is to promote the interest of Willamette University and to establish and maintain life-long and mutually beneficial relations between the university and its current and future alumni. These are the people who represent the voice of the greater alumni community — your voice.

This group, representing graduates from as early as 1953, meets several times a year and the members are regular representatives at alumni events, on career panels and in outreach efforts to prospective and new students. They give countless hours of their time to Willamette, striving to make sure the alumni community is getting information about the WU of today and that the university is aware of the perspective and needs of some of our most important constituents. Not only that, they boast a goal of 100% participation in financially supporting the university each year, which they regularly achieve.

Recommendations from the board have led to the new programming for Alumni Weekend, the launch of an alumni Career Network and the new format of WU News, just to name a few. These alumni are not volunteers in name only. They work hard and get things accomplished.

Take a moment to learn about your representatives and what they’ve been up to at willamette.edu/alumni/wuaa, and when you see them at an event, on a panel or at the grocery store, take a minute to thank them for all they do on behalf of those of us who’ve graduated WU. It’s a great commitment and one they take very seriously. We all should be proud of the work they do!

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Denise Callahan '95, MBA'00
Interim Vice President of Development and Alumni Relations