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'Precious Knowledge' addresses ethnic studies controversy

Arizona teacher and alumnus Curtis Acosta '94 will visit campus Oct. 17 to screen a new film whose focus is Tucson’s Mexican American Studies Program, currently at the center of a political and legal battle concerning the future of the curriculum.

Both Acosta and filmmaker Eren McGinnis will be present for screenings and a discussion of the film and the lawsuit to preserve ethnic studies in Arizona.

'Precious Knowledge' Screenings and Q and A
Monday, Oct. 17, Ford Hall Film Studies Room
Event is free, and all are welcome to attend
First screening: 6 p.m.
Q & A with the filmmakers: 7:30 p.m.
Second screening: 8:30 p.m.

This academic opportunity is sponsored by the following departments and programs: ALIANZA, the Office of Alumni Relations, American Ethnic Studies, Anthropology, English, Film Studies, History, the Lilly Project, the Office of Multicultural Affairs, Rhetoric and Media Studies, Sociology, Spanish, and WU CAUSA.