Willamette University, Students at the Mill Stream

October 2011


Don't worry: It's not a real spider. 'Tis the season for random campus Halloween decorations (right)...

As we write this, the Hatfield Library is enjoying its 25th-anniversary celebration on campus. The facility has evolved a lot, particularly in terms of technological resources (and carpet and offices and motion-sensor stack lighting, etc.), but it still fulfills its original purpose well. Blitz has been showing up in the lobby periodically, and staff recently held a "most influential book" campus contest that drew visitors and a lot of thought. Did you know: The Hatfield library is open to alumni, who can still get accounts. Consider it!

And where's Tufton: Many readers will have received their copy of The Scene's latest issue. There's a hidden Tufton Beamish reference in there somewhere -- first person to email us at scene@willamette.edu with the page number and description gets a cool prize.

Finally, you might have seen this in the mail: WU's alumni benefits now include a special discounted rate on auto insurance and home insurance from Liberty Mutual. We’re now able to provide Alumni Association members with a great benefit from a Fortune 100 company that protects millions of people across the U.S. Learn more online.