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GSE alumni outreach: alumni input requested

GSEUnder the leadership of GSE Dean Julie Gess-Newsome, the GSE hopes to re-engage with its alumni; the first step in the process involves a question.

The GSE is in the process of making a decision about what direction to go with its graduation ceremony; as many alumni know, the school has traditionally held graduation in May with the College of Law, Atkinson Graduate School of Management and the College of Liberal Arts. 

Planners are now considering the option of moving the ceremony to June, when the MAT program actually finishes. If you're an alumnus of the GSE and would like to weigh in, visit a quick online survey.

Note also that a member of the GSE faculty, Jill Bryant, was recently selected as a recipient of Willamette's United Methodist Award for Exemplary Teaching and Service. For details on all the campus awards, visit the story in this edition of WU News.