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How time flies

It’s hard to believe that it’s already 2012. Do you remember all the excitement around Y2K? Doesn’t it seem like it was just yesterday?

In much the same vein, it’s already been over six months since the arrival of our new president, Steve Thorsett. It seems like ages ago that we were painstakingly making sure his arrival and announcement would go off without a hitch, both eager and tentative about what this new leadership would bring.

Here we are, just a little over a week from the official inauguration of President Thorsett -- and the bevy of events, pomp and circumstance, and celebration surrounding the occasion. As I hustle around checking on programs, RSVP lists and volunteers to make sure we’re doing our part to support the efforts, I realize that I’m taking part in history.

It’s a reminder to stop and smell the proverbial roses every once in awhile. In the mad rush to complete the tasks in front of us, it’s easy to forget that we might be in the middle of something special and unique. We’re not ever going to inaugurate another 25th president. We should pay attention, soak it up, commit it to memory, celebrate!

Like many of my experiences at Willamette – as a student, alumna and employee – I'll share this one with a community of people who care about our past, our present and our future, and who hopefully will revel in being part of something great while recognizing that it would be nothing without their support. This is a new period in Willamette’s history and I invite you to take the time to watch it begin to unfold, starting with the live stream of the official inauguration on Friday, February 10 at 2:30 p.m.

Check it out -- you can stream the inauguration live online Feb. 10 -- and get ready to take part in our future.

Not unto ourselves alone are we born.

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Denise Callahan '95, MBA'00
Interim Vice President of Development and Alumni Relations