Willamette University, Students at the Mill Stream

Bigfoot spotted at Zena Forest


Applicants for the summer Zena program recently spotted a surprise as they were touring the farm: a hibernating, human-shaped animal that has since been identified as the legendary Bigfoot.

One student characterized the curled-up denizen of the forest as "Volkswagen-sized, but with fur," while another, a freshman, mentioned that "we don't have anything like that in Santa Cruz."

Initial reports suggest that the Bigfoot, which has since been named "Harry," was grumpy after being woken up and taken in for questioning, though further information has yet to be released.

Tufton Beamish, executive director of the American Project for the Review of International Lore, Founding Chapter (APRIL-1) released a statement lauding the students' bravery and supporting renewed efforts to reconcile the Bigfoot legend with scientific fact.

Update: We're sure you've gotten it by now, but happy April Fools.