Willamette University, Students at the Mill Stream

Take a Break (TaB) looks to engage alumni

In typical WU fashion, this year's Take a Break (TaB) participants returned at the end of spring break having made a difference and learned along the way. There were five sites/projects this year, and they mirror those for which TaB has been known over the years:

TaB New Orleans -- Contributed in post-Hurricane Katrina New Orleans. Students worked with area organizations to rebuild the community through constructing homes, cleaning and restoring organizations, and more. They also worked with area youth at resource centers

TaB Chicago -- Focused on immigrant rights by visiting a deportation center and working with The Justice Mission, Immigrant Youth Justice League, Asian Youth Services, and the United African Organization

TaB Immigration Northwest -- Explored immigration and immigrant rights by focusing on the farming industry and migrant workers

TaB Portland -- Worked to address homelessness and poverty in Portland; partners included homeless youth resource centers and food banks 

TaB San Francisco -- Focused on urban poverty; worked with food banks, a tenant advocacy group in China Town, the Berkeley Food and Housing Project, a rehabilitation home for women transitioning from prostitution, and Project Homeless Connect

The program needs your help

Planners have identified easy (but crucial) ways Willamette alumni can help contribute to TaB. Please consider any of the below options if you'd like to give back and help facilitate future work:

  • TaB needs ideas for projects and places to stay. Organizers would love to get TaB alumni in contact with current students to plan anything from community days, meals, transportation, to (most importantly) housing sites and service organizations.
  • We would like to work on getting TaB alumni involved with the program by inviting them to volunteer at one or more of the service sites, having them join the students for meals, or contribute on community days (museums, exhibits, festivals, etc.).

If you'd like to help, contact Amy Green at the Office of Community Service Learning (503-370-6807 or ahixson@willamette.edu).