Willamette University, Students at the Mill Stream

Last chance for Alumni Weekend!

Allow us to reiterate: the top five reasons to attend Alumni Weekend, courtesy of Jim Booth '64:

5. This is a carnival, folks.

Inflatable slides. Popcorn. Games on the lawn of The Quad. Bring your kids, or your grandkids ... bring yourself!

4. Willamette is beautiful.
There's a reason Kurt Vonnegut called Willamette's campus "heaven on Earth." Come for the splendor of September -- when the weather's nice, the scenery's nicer, and the students enliven the place you've called home.

3. Your classmates miss you.
You know there are connections that have lapsed since you graduated -- even if you graduated just a couple years ago. Alumni come to these events so they can see you. The greatest charm of this place is its people, right?

2. Learn something.
There are classes without quizzes, tours, historical exhibits, the Hallie Ford Museum of Art. Take the time to tickle your mind. Where better to do it than at Willamette?

1. You're a Bearcat, and that doesn't expire.
You belong here at this place that has changed so many of our lives. Willamette will always have more and more to give us, but we have to show up. Come support your alma mater and the men and women who keep it so animated today! 

See you soon,
Jim Booth '64

PS: There's good news! We've extended the 10-percent discount on Alumni Weekend registration through Sunday, Sept. 9. Discounted prices will end at midnight on Sunday, so get your payment in lickity split! Many thanks to all 250+ alumni who have already signed up to attend!

You can still check out the full schedule of events being offered and use our online registration system to register.

If you haven't had a chance to check out your class web page, visit
www.willamette.edu/alumni/alumni_weekend/index.html for all the details.

Questions? Contact the Office of Alumni Relations at kburris@willamette.edu or by calling (800) 551-6794.