Willamette University, Students at the Mill Stream

WU on Colleges That Change Lives tour

Readers might recall that Willamette has been included in a prestigious group of Colleges That Change Lives. This cohort of highly regarded schools travels each year to high schools and sites around the country, introducing countless students and their families to some of the best academic programs available.

Willamette remains on the road with this group, and there are still some event dates left. Check the program travel map to see if Willamette is coming to your area, and tell all the rising high-schoolers you know to check it out!

Map and more information online

Call for Submissions: How Did Willamette Change Your Life?

Concurrently, we are requesting stories from alumni that highlight the way(s) Willamette changed your life. Was it a professor? A sports program? A school-of-hard-knocks experience? Please share your tale. Email to alumni@willamette.edu.

Readers of The Scene will see a similar invitation in the upcoming fall issue.