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Jacob Lawrence: Aesop's Fables Aesop's fables
Now open through Oct. 27
Study Gallery and Print Study Center

Jacob Lawrence (1917-2000) is widely regarded as one of the most important African American artists of the 20th century for his paintings and prints that often portrayed African American life, culture, and history. This exhibition features 23 original drawings that Lawrence created for the 1970 Simon and Schuster publication of "Aesop's Fables."

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David Roberts: Travels in the Holy LandTravels in the Holy Land
Aug. 10 - Dec. 22
The Maribeth Collins Lobby

David Roberts (1796-1864) was a Scottish painter who traveled to the Near East in the late 1830s and produced a series of bound, hand-colored lithographs of Egypt and the Holy Land in the 1840s from sketches made during his travels. Lauded for their artistic merit as well as their scholarly contributions, these folios provided Europeans, and eventually Americans, with their first views of the exotic Orient, changing forever their vision of Egypt and the Middle East.

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Breath of Heaven, Breath of Earth: Ancient Near Eastern Art from American Collections Breath of Heaven, Breath of Earth
Aug. 31 - Dec. 22
The Melvin Henderson-Rubio Gallery

This major exhibition showcases 64 ancient works created over a 5500 year span in the Fertile Crescent, an area stretching from Turkey to Iran, often called “the cradle of civilization.” This will be the sole venue for this important collection of cultural treasures that were created by Babylonians, Israelites, Persians and other ancient Near Eastern people and cultures. These works have been drawn from 21 distinguished collections, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Brooklyn Museum and were created between 6000 B.C.E. – 500 B.C.E.

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Highlights of the Permanent Collection Gallery Talk
Tuesday, Aug. 13
12:30 p.m.
Free and open to the public

Get to know your museum better! Join docent Merrilee Zenone for a tour of highlights from the permanent collection. Visit old favorites and discover new ones!