Willamette University, Students at the Mill Stream

Notes From Waller

Fall, and normalcy, are back

PhotoThe Willamette campus I have come to know since my arrival at the end of May has been not only beautiful, but tranquil. Downright quiet, actually.

This tranquility has been shattered over the past few weeks, thanks to the return of WU students!

Things are now as they should be, and I am truly getting to know what Willamette is about. There is an energy and atmosphere that defines what is unique about Willamette beyond its gorgeous setting: the sounds of choristers practicing on the quad, the clickety-clack of student skateboarders traversing the campus walkways (courteously, I should say), shouts and cheers from athletic matches, and friendly greetings shouted across the Quad to friends not seen in months. Willamette is again whole.

Just last Friday, my daughter and I enjoyed participating in the Red Light/Green Light world-record attempt. Times like this, when the community comes together, help me become even better acquainted with Willamette University.

And increasingly appreciative that I've ended up here.

James Lippincott

Assistant Vice President for Alumni and Parent Relations