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The Hon. Edwin J. Peterson calls for repeal of death penalty

The Honorable Edwin J. Peterson, a Distinguished Jurist in Residence at the College of Law and former chief justice, recently wrote a guest column in the Oregonian explaining why he no longer supports Oregon's death penalty.

In the column, Peterson explains why he thinks that the current system is "dysfunctional, expensive, unworkable and unfair." He notes, for example, that of the 37 people currently on death row, the average amount of time they've spent there so far is 15 years -- and none have yet exhausted their appeal rights.

Alumni Gina Johnnie '84, JD'87 and the Honorable Angel Lopez JD'78 honored by the Oregon State Bar

WUCL alums Gina Johnnie and the Honorable Angel Lopez have both been chosen to receive awards during the Oregon State Bar Annual Awards ceremony on Thursday, Dec 5th.

Johnnie will receive the President's Membership Service Award, which honors attorneys for contributions made to the profession; Lopez will receive the President's Affirmative Action Award, recognizing members who have made significant contributions to the goal of increasing minority representation in the legal profession.