Willamette University, Students at the Mill Stream

December 2013

Snow imageIt's been unusually cold for unusually long in the Willamette Valley. Judging from the snowball fights in Jackson Plaza, the students have been okay with it.

Reminder: Frank Miller, university photographer, uploads a steady stream of phenomenal shots (winter and otherwise) to Instagram. Consider following along.

Got a blanket? The Hallie Ford Museum of Art is still gratefully accepting donated blankets from the WU community to be incorporated into a sculpture commissioned from Marie Watt '90, a Native American artist who's also an alumna (see The Scene, Spring 2012 for more on Watt).

More on the project on Facebook

Each blanket donor will receive a print from Watt, and donors will be invited to the sculptures dedication in the spring. Contact the Hallie Ford Museum of Art by email or phone at 503-370-6855 to contribute or learn more.

Happy holidays, everyone. Stay warm out there.