School Tours

Bring your class for an interactive Docent-Guided Tour (maximum 30 students) of the Museum's special exhibitions or explore the museum on a Self-Guided Tour (maximum 60 students). School tours are free, but must be scheduled in advance.

Transportation Stipend

Hallie Ford Museum of Art is committed to making the museum as accessible to as wide an audience as possible. Thanks to a generous donation, a limited number of stipends are available on a first-come, first-served basis to fund half of the cost of student bus trips to and from the museum. Eligible schools pay the transportation company in full and then submit a reimbursement request/invoice for half of that amount.

For further information on the process of applying for a stipend, please call (503) 370-6855.

“For the past several years my students and I have visited visit Hallie Ford Museum, and the kids (and adults) always enjoy it. Hallie Ford offers an inexpensive and relevant opportunity for a top-notch fine arts field trip. I highly recommend it!”
-Jerry Quigg, 4/5 Teacher, Candalaria Elementary
“[T]here is nothing like bringing kids to such a wonderful, local resource! If anyone ever asked me what the best kept secret in Salem was, I'd say, ‘Hallie Ford Museum of Art.’"
-Lisa Leirmo, Art Teacher, McKay High School
"I loved the beautiful art work. I loved our tour guide. We appreciate you letting us discover the true creativeness of artists."
-Ava, fifth grade