Athletic Facility Scheduling Protocol

The scheduling of Willamette University Athletic Facilities is based on a system with preference for the Willamette University Community followed by outside community groups. This system determines the priority given to groups using all the athletic facilities (fields, gyms, rooms, etc.)

The order of priority is as follows.

  1. In-season varsity athletic teams/exercise science classes
    • Facility change due to poor field conditions or inclement weather will be made on a space available basis. Groups previously scheduled will not be moved or ‘bumped”.
  2. Out-of-season varsity athletic teams (non-traditional season)
    • Non-traditional season practice times must be scheduled during the pre-semester scheduling meeting (August for fall semester, December for spring semester). If not scheduled at the scheduling meet or modified at a later date facility space will be subject to availability and will not cause the moving or “bumping” of previously scheduled groups.
  3. Intramurals and student club
  4. Groups directly affiliated with Willamette University
  5. Fee paying outside groups (not affiliated with Willamette University).
  6. Non-fee paying outside groups (not affiliated with Willamette University).

The purpose of this protocol is to provide structure and a certain amount of flexibility as related to the use of Willamette University athletic facilities.